Hammer Toe Splint and Straightener for Overlapping, Crooked & Hammer Toe Relief - Corrector


Hammer toe splint with cushion that straightens and aligns crooked toes and simultaneously separates toes reducing friction associated wit overlapping, crooked and flexible hammer toes.

Crooked, Overlapping & Hammer Toe Relief and Support:

  • This splint and straightener reliefs crooked, overlapping & hammer toe. Transform your daily activities from painful to pain-free with this bunion corrector sleeve.
  • Provides gentle cushion layer to protect the ball-of-foot.
  • These splint and  straightener will reduce foot pain caused by Crooked, Overlapping & Hammer Toe.
  • Product comes in one, two, and three hole selections depending on desired target toe area.

Ease of Use:

  • This product is lightweight and compact, for easy carry and daily use during all day-to-day activities.
  • Easy on/off.  Designed to easily slide onto foot until loops surround desired toe/s.  Removal is even easier.
  • Can be worn during daily activities and be used with shoes/socks.
  • This splint and  straightener can be worn by day or night.

    Recycled. Renewable. Reclaimed.

    Our Entire Collection is made of materials that are certified sustainable and are eco-friendly. We are dedicated to using sustainably sourced materials that promote best practices in recycling and repurposing.