Hammer Toe Single Loop Gel Crest Corrector & Straightener

Hammer toe single loop gel crest with cushion that straightens and aligns crooked toe and simultaneously separates toes reducing friction associated wit overlapping, crooked and flexible hammer toes.

Crooked, Overlapping & Hammer Toe Relief and Support:

  • This splint and straightener relieves pain caused by crooked, overlapping & hammer toe. Transform your daily activities from painful to pain-free with this bunion corrector sleeve.
  • Provides gentle gel cushion at the bottom and around desired toe.
  • This single loop crest will reduce foot pain caused by Crooked, Overlapping & Hammer Toe.
  • Sold as pair, includes one each for right and left foot.

Ease of Use:

  • This product is lightweight and compact, for easy carry and daily use during all day-to-day activities.
  • Easy on/off.  Designed to easily slide onto foot until loop surrounds desired toe.  Removal is even easier.
  • Can be worn during daily activities and be used with shoes/socks.
  • This loop crest can be worn by day or night.

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